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Miriam Pokharel-Wood, IBCLC, MSW


Miriam has been a Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) since 2018. She has been working with parents and children for over 10 years as a breastfeeding educator, doula and mental health therapist. She has a Masters in Social Work, and worked primarily with young children and their families.
In 2018, after the birth of her son, Miriam experienced many challenges with breastfeeding. Her son struggled to latch despite working with lactation consultants and other service providers. 
Eventually, for the sake of her mental health and their family's overall wellness, Miriam chose to exclusively pump and bottle feed. It was a heart breaking decision, but in the end there were positives to this situation as well. Miriam was able to donate breastmilk to other infants in need.

 Miriam's emphasis on parental mental health, self care, and commitment to realistic care planning was born during her breastfeeding experience. Miriam brings a commitment to mental health, compassion and empathy to her work as a lactation consultant. Wherever you are on your breastfeeding journey, you deserve support. Let us nurture you while you nurture your new child.

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